Being a member of ETRRG does come with benefits. Some of the benefits are quantifiable, such as a dividend or rating model.
Since 2005 ETRRG has returned dividends for several policy years back to it's policyholders.  Since many standard market transportation insurance companies struggle with insuring liability; a results oriented approach needs to be taken to demonstrate member benefits!!
What may be far more impressive and important to members are the intangible benefits. The group provides control, stability, assurance, and confidence. When you combine expert loss control, claims and litigation management, with sound administration practices in underwriting, actuarial review, and accounting; members have pride in a company they own. This can't be found in the traditional insurance marketplace. 
1) Affordable commercial Auto Liability insurance coverage for your fleet.
2) Professional claims administration by a designated transportation adjuster.
3) Risk Management services designed specifically for today's commercial motor fleets.
4) Risk Retention Groups are accepted by the FMCSA.
5) Members share in the underwriting profit and investment income.
6) ETRRG is supported by A rated reinsurers.

ETRRG's Foundation:
The Quantifiable Benefits of ETRRG
Intangible Benefits Exist
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